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80th Birthday Status Wishes For Grandfather/Grandmother

80 is a special age and one deserves lots of love and blessings at the age of 80. If your grandfather or grandmother is turning 80 then it’s a time for huge celebration but celebrations are incomplete without heartfelt and lovely wishes. Now, you may be confused that from where you get that heartfelt and lovely birthday wishes for your loving grandfather or grandmother. No worries at all! Here we offering you the best and the great collection of happy birthday wishes and generic viagra online happy birthday status for your loving and caring grandmother or grandfather who is all set to turn 80.

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80th Birthday Wishes

In such a special age your grandparents deserve special and unique birthday wishes. Nourish your grandmother and grandfather with love and care with the help of our lovely collection that contains some most amazing and most unique happy birthday wishes for your grandparents at the age of 80. This article is dedicated to the happy birthday wishes that are specially composed for your sweetheart grandma and superhero grandpa. Grandparents love their grandchildren more than their children and the bond between grandparents and grandchildren reflects love, joy, and happiness.

“Grandfather, today you are 80 years old,
A mighty accomplishment all on its own,
But when I list all your wonderful deeds,
I wonder how you found the time,
to get each one of them done.”

“Today is your 80th birthday Grandpa,
And you’re still as chipper as ever,
Wise and robust and telling your tales,
Stories of excitement and adventure,
Thank you for sharing them all with me,
They are a gift that I’ll always remember.”

“Grandad, you claim that you’re old,
Now that you are 80,
But you have no evidence to show it,
You look the same as when you were 60,
I’ve known you my whole life,
I think that I should know it.”

“Today you turn 80 years old,
And there’s something you should know,
You’re the best Grandfather that’s ever
Been born in this world,
And I’m sure, in any other.”

Birthday Wishes For Grandfather

We all had listened to an awesome and amazing stories from our lovely grandmother and we all get so much love from our grandfather. However, the 80th birthday is an inspiring event of life for everyone. 80 years of living is such a great time and it should be celebrated with great joy and happiness. The person who celebrates his or her 80th birthday has many stories to tell other as 80 completing the 80 years of life is itself an achievement. The 80  age of 80 years is considered as the milestone and people celebrate that day as fullest and this is how it should be.

“You are 80 years old today,
So Birthday wishes are in order,
You’ve been with me every step of the way,
Without ever getting tense or bothered,
If I asked the same question day after day.
You would answer me patiently, Grandfather,
I want you to know I remember you always,
And to me, your kindness still matters.”

“Today is your 80th birthday,
and I’m hoping you will see,
That although this day is special,
All days are treasures to me,
When we’ve spent them being together,
Just my dear Grandfather and me.”

“Today is your 80th birthday,
And I’m still so very proud
To introduce you as my Grandfather.
I’d like to say thank you,
Because unlike so many others,
You have never embarrassed me,
By being obnoxious, rude or loud.”

“Grandpa, I want you to know today,
The day that you turn 80,
It’s because of you that I have grown,
Into a proper young lady.”

“Today is your 80th birthday,
And there is something I want to say,
You are more than just a grandfather,
You’re the best one in every way.”

“Today is your 80th birthday, Grandpa,
Lets spend a day like we used to,
When I was still very small,
We’ll go outside to sing and play,
And then when night time falls,
We’ll find some grass and gently lay
and dream while gazing up at the stars.”

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80th happy birthday

Birthday Quotes For Grandmother

Your lovely grandmother and grandfather would love to hear some sweet and heartfelt words from you and your this gesture of love will make their special day even more special as the grandparents usually more attached with their grandchildren. No other generation has the such a work ethic which the person who is turning 80 has. After all the hard work and struggle in life now at the age of 80 your grandparents deserve peace, relaxation and all the happiness of the of the world.

As you reach this milestone birthday I hope that you will see
Just how very special you truly are to me.
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

Grandma, you’re a precious jewel, so radiant and rare;
You show your dedication by the many ways you care.
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

Because you’re loved so very much it is with joy and pleasure
We send these birthday wishes, for you are such a treasure!
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

A grandmother shows her love in so many special ways,
Her words are filled with wisdom and kind deeds fill her days.
Happy 80th Birthday!

How can we ever thank you for how you sacrifice and serve?
We wish you the best this birthday, because that’s what you deserve!
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

Grandma, we will always cherish the kindness you have shown,
We are so proud and thankful to have you as our own!
Happy 80th Birthday to our wonderful Grandma !

For every person, the 80th birthday is a milestone and it should be celebrated with joy and love. You should honor your lovely grandmother and grandfather on the special occasion of completing eight decades in this world. It is a time for big and great celebration, plan something great for your grandmother or grandfather on their special day. At the age of 80, your grandfather and grandmother need a care and love just like little babies. So, it is time to shower your love and care on your loving and adorable grandparents.

In this beautiful collection of happy birthday wishes and status, you will get the best ever wishes for your grandmother and grandfather who is about to turning 80. Make them feel more special on their special day of birthday. Dedicate these amazing and awesome 80th birthday wishes and status to your lovely grandmother and grandfather and wish them a happy birthday with your warm and sweet wishes.

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80th Birthday Wishes
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