As The Film Is Filled With Good Songs, Solid Fights, And Proper Heroism: Krack

Krack is a beautiful movie must watch for action movie lovers. You will deftly value watching Ravi teja’s action stuffed execution with the phenomenal thought of Shruthi Hassan. This film is about VeeraShanker and his work. He has been an unprecedented performer in the film with his unique strategy for trade movement and feature. The film was made with faultlessness and all the particular perspectives were bare essential with reasoning. This film is certainly a gigantic treat to all who were needing to watch telugu movies in theater. New Telugu movies online are power stuffed and exorbitantly captivating. The Krack movie online is on Aha to watch.



Each person who was truly keeping down to watch a drawing in film in theaters, this film has been a stun. They talked and everything has been amazing. This film is about Shanker and his strategy for living pridefully with his dream to fill in as a cop. Since Shankar had no establishment, he expected to lock in for the target. He gets astoundingly powerful when someone examines the establishment. The only word which he might not want to hear is establishment and at whatever point someone says that out imagine it is his devastation. So in the start of the film he gets the criminal named SaleemBakthal and becomes famous, later he gets moved to Kadapa where Konda reddy is on power uncontrollable. His action towards the young woman was especially wanton and all the people around him forewarned to meet Katari Krishna. Who has been the most surprising uncontrollable in ongole. Considering his exercises he had lost everyone in his life and just been in jail from here on out. The whole film is charming to look at as the guideline criminal destruction was consistent with life. Watch the film to acknowledge what happened to Katari Krishna.

Technical Aspects:

  • Music of the film is really invigorating. All could interface with the music and undeniably it’s on the hover for an enormous bit of the groups.
  • Since this is an action film, fights accepted an indispensable part. They were in the current style and the group could value every action gathering.
  • This film has been the most fascinating for its unique and record breaking storyline and screenplay. All parts of the scene were critical and had the weightage.
  • The choice of the cast was essentially awesome, they were various second characters which had importance in the story. Depiction of the positions was wonderful.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Ravi Teja

Actress: Shruti Hassan

Other Actors: VaralakshmiSarathkumar, Samuthirakani, P. Ravi Shankar

Director: Gopichand Malineni

Producer: B. Madhu

Music Director: S. Thaman

Cinematographer: G. K. Vishnu

Editor: Naveen Nooli

Dialogues: Sai Madhav Burra

More Information:

Release Date: 9 January 2021

Running Time: 154 minutes

Genre: Action, Comedy

Budget: ₹16 crore

Distributed by: Sri Sravanthi Movies

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