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Best Birthday SMS Quotes In French For Him Her

The French language is considered as the language of romance and love. If you looking for the best birthday wishes for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, fiancee, uncle, aunt, parents, relatives, siblings, coworker, boss, employee, teacher or anyone you know in french language, you can have a look at our very beautiful collection of birthday wishes in french language. Birthdays are the very special events of everyone’s life. The birthdays are the sign of growth and development, people celebrate their birthdays with millions of different ideas but all ideas and ways included lots of happy birthday wishes from our generic viagra online relatives, parents, friends and loving lover. You can check out our lovely collection of quotes and SMS for birthday purpose in french.

Birthday SMS In French

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Here we provide you the best ever collection of birthday SMS and quotes for your dear one in french. All these lovely and amazing birthday wishes and messages have been composed in the French language, the language of love and romance. The French language is also considered as the clearest language of the world, you can clearly express your true feelings in front of your dear ones. What else would be the better situation to express your feelings towards your dear ones than their birthday? Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to tell someone that how much that particular person means to you.

Qu’il y ait des joies et des surprises de toutes sortes au cours de cette journée de ton anniversaire. Le Des moments dont tu auras plaisir à te rappeler puisqu’ils auront marqué une bien belle journée. Bonne Fête!

Je vous souhaite longue amitié, l’affection et précieux souvenirs des moments que nous avons partagés. Joyeux anniversaire mec

Puissiez-vous surmonter toutes les difficultés et les défis qui viennent dans votre vie !! Joyeux anniversaire à toi!

Une autre année s’est écoulée et permet-moi de te dire combien nous comptons sur toi plutôt que de compter les années. Je te souhaite un merveilleux anniversaire.

Happy Birthday Wishes in French

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You can surprise them by doing little efforts. Here we present you the super amazing birthday wishes in French, so you can wish your dear one in different style and manner. French is the beautiful language and you can easily express your affection and love towards your close one through this beautiful language. Wish your dear ones a best luck and congratulation on the special occasion of their birthday and you can wish them with our sweet wishes and quotes. You can use these lovely birthday wishes in the form of sweet birthday SMS and birthday quotes, when you will send these lovely wishes to your dear ones, these lovely birthday wishes will put a big smile on their faces.

  • Want to wish Happy birthday in French ? Simply say joyeux anniversaire.
  • This phase directly states “Happy Birthday”.
  • Joyeux means gleeful , joyous or happy. 🙂 , yeah like the smiley states or say like *blush*.
  • Anniversaire means “”birthday”  or “anniversary” , but usually it alone stands for one’s birthday. Well to remove your confusion let me clear out that “anniversaire de marraige” is appropriate way to refer a wedding anniversary.
  • These term is also shortened as “Joyeux anniv”. Some people even use “annif ” instead of “anniv”. Majority of them don’t but it was important for you to know and it was my duty to tell you.

Birthday Quotes For Her

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Wish your dear ones a success in life through our beautiful collection of birthday wishes along with sweet quotes and birthday messages. Here we are offering you the best and top listed birthday wishes in the French language. You wish your dear ones on their special day with our lovely wishes and birthday quotes. You can have a look at our lovely collection of birthday wishes in French and you can select as many as you want wishes for your dear one in order to wish them on their remarkable day known as the birthday that comes once in a year.

  • Learning to say something in french and avoiding ê & é not possible they are integral part of french language which have it’s origin in Latin language and are integral part of many other languages , basically they are used as pronunciation variants .
  • Bonne and bon means the same , “good”or “well”, only difference is that bonne  is feminine form of the word “bon”.
  • Fête clearly means “celebration.”
  • “Have a good celebration”  \,,/ that’s what Bonne fête means.

Hence, it should be celebrated with great joy and energy. Don’t waste even a single minute, just go our amazing collection of birthday wishes and wish your dear ones a very happy birthday in French. Your dear ones will be amazed by these lovely and sweet wishes. In order to make your close ones even more special on their special day, you can write these wishes all over the birthday cards or note and then just simply hand over that amazing and sweet card to your loved ones.

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