How Much Do Tattoo Cost?

You want to get your first tattoo and probably asking yourself what are the charges. Well tattoo charges vary depending on various reasons. It is important to understand these various factors that influence the cost of a tattoo. These factors will help you in planning yourself and choosing a beautiful tattoo that you can afford.13 Secrets of Tattoo Artists | Mental Floss

Factors influencing the cost of a tattoo

  • Tattoo parlor location

As much as a tattoo parlor located in a lavish place is a guarantee you’ll get the best services, it is likewise expensive. People in swanky areas are assumed to be wealthy, therefore going to a parlor located in such areas you have to be ready to part ways with huge sum of money. With today’s internet, you can easily browse through our website and book appointment with professionals who will give you the best offers at affordable prices.

  • Tattoo size

Bigger tattoos are more costly because they consume time, energy and resources. However, you may be charged higher for some small tattoos that appear to be complex. Sometimes the artist looks at the area covered when pricing. It all depends with what the artist chooses to use as guidelines.

  • Tattoo colored

A multicolored tattoo will be more expensive than one colored. This is because it is detailed and requires extreme attention.  Continuous interchanging of ink consumes time which is compensated in pricing.

  • Tattoo design

The type of design you choose will always determine the amount of money you spend. Here artists will price according to how complex the tattoo is, how big, colors used and the place of the tattoo. Custom made design will always cost more than standard tattoo design.

  • The artist

The cost will always depend on the artist. A skilled artist with more experience tends to charge at a higher rate compared to the less skilled ones. Despite the higher cost, they will offer you a more professional service that results to a more stupendous tattoo.

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