How to Maintain the Crystal Chandeliers and Design Lights?

A chandelier is a stunning accessory that makes our home look beautiful and elegant. Nowadays, you will find them everywhere, whether it is a modern or traditional home. Everyone has it as a center of attraction for their homes, but what we need to remember is that the maintenance or cleaning part of such chandeliers is very important to retain its elegant look.Image result for chandelier


Many people find it troublesome to maintain the luster in their chandeliers, but actually, it is not so difficult though. So, here are some tips, which can help you maintain and clean them:


  1. Materials – There are no such special materials that are required to clean these chandeliers. All such items used for cleaning purposes are all lying there in your house. All you would require is a lint-free cloth, a spray bottle, ladder, and a thick towel. Even when it comes to cleaning solutions, you can easily make them at home with simple ingredients.

Remember one thing, it is not recommended to use any harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes as it may damage your beautiful piece of light. Also, never spray these cleaning solutions directly on the chandelier, as it may cause corrosion and ruin the piece. So, it is advisable that you spray those cleaning solutions on your piece of cloth.

  1. Cleaning Ideas: Try to work out the best way to make cleaning easy for you. You can either choose to keep the crystals on or remove them while cleaning. This depends on you, whatever you are comfortable with to ensure you do not cause any damage to the showpiece.

If your chandelier is newly purchased, you can check with your chandelier manufacturer for tips on cleaning. Sofary, in Seattle, Washington is one such place from where you are sure to get high-quality chandeliers for your house. You can check Sofary blog for more assistance on cleaning.

  1. It is highly recommended to deep clean these chandeliers at least once a year to avoid an over soiled look on these chandeliers. In between, you can dust them weekly using a feather or microfiber duster.
  2. Regular inspection of these chandeliers is very much required. This is to ensure that there are no broken pieces or any loose wires which can cause a major mishap. Also, what we would need to check if any bulb replacement is required.


If your chandeliers are complex in design or too high up for you to reach then it is always better if you can hire these cleaning professionals who can do this work smoothly and efficiently. All you need to do is to find the right professionals for yourself. They would need to have access to all the cleaning materials that would be required to clean this piece of light, but you would need a budget for the same.


A chandelier is a piece of work that can bring happiness and light to your house. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that it keeps sparkling and illuminates the place.

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