Prenuptial Agreement – Can be They Wholesome For you to A Relationship?

What is a prenuptial arrangement?

Prenuptial agreements (generally acknowledged as a pre-nup) refers to agreements that spouses enter into prior to their relationship. In this modern society, it is without doubt true that this sort of a social trend is on the increase, offered the increased affluence of the neighborhood demography. As such, a lot of partners regard them as a functional solution or as an extra type of “insurance” in view of the probability of a divorce. In the eyes of the law, they will, in impact safeguard their respective rights overs a lot of contentious problems for the duration of a divorce. Some of these legal rights include proprietary rights in residence, responsibility of any premarital money owed and the division of belongings on the divorce.

What are the regulations that govern them?

There have been several recorded situations whereby the Singapore Courtroom of Charm (the optimum appellate court) upheld the validity of a prenup arrangement, this is revealed in the landmark scenario of TQ v TR [2009] SGCA six. However, the Courtroom of Charm was rapid in their judgment to warn that these agreements are premised around particular authorized needs, and that not all are enforceable. In the eyes of the courtroom, a prenuptial arrangement is contractual in mother nature and the simple needs of a legally valid contract is that it need to be entered into voluntarily, supported by consideration and not vitiated by variables this sort of as duress, fraud, negative religion or misrepresentation. In addition, any clause discovered to be opposite to the Women’s Charter (Cap 353) will be rendered void. The court in the end has the inherent jurisdiction to make a appropriate order.

Is it proper for me?

In contemplating regardless of whether a prenuptial settlement is the appropriate action to get, 1 need to weigh up the benefits and negatives of drafting this kind of an agreement getting into thing to consider the frame of mind and mentality of your significant other.


The taboo of a prenuptial settlement (as it is produced in contemplation of a divorce) has been progressively overshadowed by the practicality of the contemporary day couple. Partners are starting up to realise there are several inherent advantages, namely:-

They provide clarity as to the fiscal preparations between the functions in the celebration of a divorce. This is particularly important when there is a distinctive imbalance of prosperity present amongst the events

A lot of modern day working day men and women amass a considerable amount of wealth even before relationship. prenup lawyer Consequently, this kind of agreements will in effect protect this kind of property that had been acquired by each and every party ahead of the marriage

Get-togethers have management of the division of assets and can also shield distinct assets this sort of as inheritance, heirlooms or family firms.


Nevertheless, despite the positive aspects that a prenuptial arrangement may possibly provide, it is not with out its drawbacks:

Even with the elevated liberalisation of Singapore’s modern society, it continues to be by and large a conservative nation. Therefore, the ideology of a relationship becoming a lifelong motivation nonetheless remains indoctrinated in the minds of a lot of.

There are circumstances where a prenup has triggered unneeded burdens on one particular party in gentle of content modifications in the relationship. Nonetheless, owing to the unfortunate binding qualities of the agreement, functions will locate it incredibly difficult to “get out” of the agreement after it has been endorsed.

As pointed out earlier mentioned, the Singapore courts have laid down the primary basic principle that in buy for such an arrangement to be enforceable, it must be affordable and truthful. Nevertheless, 1 need to enjoy the idea of being “affordable and reasonable” to be elastic and largely subjective. This is all the much more accurate when viewed by way of the lens of a authorized creature. The courts whilst determining on what is “reasonable and reasonable” have on numerous instances, landed on the reverse finish of spectrum to that of the common gentleman. We must usually be aware that it is the courts who have the closing say more than the enforceability of such agreements and not the parties who had contracted into it.

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