The Future of the IRS Video Life-Log Identification Mandate

The other day, I was considering about how tricky it will be in the future for us to know if someone who pals us on the net, at a social network is a genuine particular person or not. Additional, how can the IRS know if a true individual is filling out the form and it isn’t an individual attempting to launder income below a false identity? Now then, the IRS permits for created persons or corporations, so there are several strategies to already spoof the method.

It has also been noted that most all the forms that citizens fill out with our government have errors in them with regard to identity, maybe the ratio is less with the IRS because people are afraid to give false facts. Nevertheless, as the government shares a lot more and extra facts with itself, and the IRS, consider the ObamaCare healthcare mandate and how the IRS is taking the lead role in verification of enrollment, and you can see the trouble here.

Certainly, I was thinking of all this the other day as I was headed off to bed and asking yourself what the government could do with all this negative data they’ve been collecting. I viewed as the notion of Vannevar Bush and life-log. If a person had a long-standing relationship with a social network from the time they were incredibly young, chances are you could trust that it was an actual person. If not, you have to develop some sort of a life-log for them.

Following all, you are going to have to prove you are a actual individual at some point through your life expertise, or you won’t be permitted to participate in the modern day amenities supplied by the socialist utopia – Welcome to 1984, I imply 2024. If other folks had info about the person, probably old videos posted, and a lot of buddies that they in fact knew, then the “system” or “Prism” or some AI (artificial intelligent) algorithm could promptly determine them as a “genuine individual” and not a spoof in the data.

Those that had not participated or had no data to appear by way of, would be, anomalies in the all round information, and would either not be true people, or they would be false positives. If the IRS contacted a false optimistic, that individual would have to prove that they basically exist. If they couldn’t prove that they essentially exist, or didn’t have any way to back something up, then their account would be flagged. This may lead to the government to not concern Social Security added benefits, food stamps, allow them to license their autos, get a cell phone, or use any of the other services of government.

The subsequent generation will be big data controlling organic humans. Let’s just hope they never control is to the point of extinction. No, שינוי כתובת תעודת זהות am not a conspiracy theorist, bear in mind this was just contemplation and believed though falling asleep and going from lucid dreaming to REM.

Nonetheless, even though the dream turned out fine in the end, it was rather scary in the course of the interim course of action for all of our citizenry. Yes, this is how we make science fiction films and screenplays. But just because it is a fictional thought, does not imply it will remain a fictional plot. Please look at all this and consider on it.

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