What makes our company the best option for domains and hosting accommodation at 2020/2021

DNS domain registration is the new domain name record of Australia and the web hosting company. We launched our new service mid 2019 after a complete redesign of the services we now provide. We wanted to provide the Australian audience with something completely new, fresh and unique. Not to mention the service offers that are not usually found with an affordable price range. We offer a business rating product at a cost of starting small businesses.

Here we demonstrate what makes us different, it establishes the side of other Australian domain name recorders and why we should be their first opportunity to choose for domains and accommodation.

We decided to provide high-grade business level products and services at a cost of starting small affordable companies. While searching for a domain name recorder here in Australia, you may have already noticed that general prices to register a .au address are much more expensive than the normal Normal Normal Name space .com. When it comes to .au domain names. The standard initial registration period is 2 years. Unlike .com that is a year. This is the case with all the Australian domain name recorders.

We decided to change all that. If you buy, you would have noticed that some registrars are taking high prices for the Australian domain name record. We did some research and include five of the best-known domains and accommodation companies in Australia. The results indicated that the average price of .au Inscriptions was approximately $ 96 for two years of registration. With the largest $ 139 for a standard two-year registry. As we have already mentioned, you can only register a .au address for a minimum of two years. So we decided to coincide with .com prices in the same amount per year for .au.

Our price structure.

.com | $ 24.99 / year

.au |. $ 24.99 / year *

When you find the average price .au about $ 96. Our price is ultra competitive, especially when we fully group DNS management. You may find the cheapest recorders, however, you will not have full control over your domain name. So be careful not to be deceived by cheaper domain name offers published by other registrars. You do not get much in terms of flexibility, redundancy or speed.

All of our domain records come with a complete DNS administration that allows you to create an unlimited number of DNS records. You also get a completely free domain delegation. And it becomes even better. Our DNS servers are not only the usual type you will find with many other registrars. We operate DNS servers of Anycast. This gives your Domain Name Registration Australia response times and there is not a single point of failure. Many other Australian recorders do not use DNS NoST. If success and online flexibility are something important to you, ultimately, you need this type of technology.

ANYCAST DNS is a form of traffic routing algorithm that is used for fast delivery of the website content. Announces the individual IP address in multiple server nodes. Internet user requests are directed to the specific server nodes based on factors, such as the capacity and health of your server, and the distance between it and the visitor of the website.

Anycast DNS provides.

1, Automatic load balance.

2, improved DNS security

3, improvement of network latency and speed.

4, High network and availability of DNS.

5, simplified DNS configuration.

So, what is so special about our web host?

We operate our hosting servers in a fully distributed cluster backend. This means that when you upload your website to our hosting servers, your site does not occupy only one single server as it does with many other accommodation companies. Instead, it is distributed over several servers within a cluster. What does this mean for you and your website? Your website will be reflected on several other highly available web servers. If one or even two of our web servers are reduced at the same time for any given reason.

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